“Made You Look” author on the Rise

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Learn newly uncovered secrets to being a side chick and the thoughts that ponder at some point in time.

“I dont want to share you BUT I DO. I dont want to need you BUT I DO. I dont want to want you “BUT I DO. I dont want to love you BUT I DO”
Sometimes you have to do some horrible things in life to get what you want and especially in a relationship, but what does that make you? Malicious and greedy? Vulnerable and needy? Everyone wants that Bad Boy with the money, Power and Respect attached to his name with the fame and fortune but sometimes that can lead to some deadly consequences. “Made U Look” the book has arrived with all the answers.
About the Author: Latashia Holmes was born and raised in San Francisco CA were she still resides. Shes God Fearing avid book lover of all genres Shopaholic and retired hustler which made writing “Made You Look” the book something like taking a walk down memory lane. Shes humble with a small amount of atitude like Kanye.
Follow her and to look into her book and purchase your copy click link below.

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