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JuicedUpDre-“Us” Record

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Born January 25, in St. Louis MO, DeVondre DuPree was a young man that faced the temptation of drugs, crime, and street violence. Determined not to be like the negativity that he saw everyday after a few bad encounters within the street activity, he chose to take another route and soon started writing music. Through his music he began to gain respect from peers by winning rap battles and coming up with catchy phrases off the top of his head. DeVondre eventually got with some local hip-hop artists and they formed a group. Soon after the groups formation, they were able to perform at a host of shows. Even though the group was making major moves, Devondre still felt there was something missing. He finally decided to separate from the group. DeVondre went on to win talent shows and also won best rapper his senior year in high school. As time went on DeVondre gave birth to JuicedUpDre the artist and stage name he is known by today. JuicedUpDre started artist development under A&R with 20ent. He is now headlining shows and trying to reach the masses. He’s come a long way from that young rapper in the neighborhood, but is far from stopping his Journey of sharing his gift, life and experience.

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