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Achvtte-“Tah Dah” & “Mine”

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The music biz knows her by “Achvte”, but her real name is Khari (car`-re). She resides in Montgomery, Alabama where her rap career/dreams took root, or began. It all started where a making music whent from a challange to a habit. This all started when she was 10,(now 22) and me not even knowing what the word “rap”, or hip-hop could possibly mean. During this challenge though, she threw a few words together lyrically and at that moment she realized she had talent. As She grew and matured on she titled herself as “Achvte”. This name has so many meanings. One meaning “achieve it” and the other “achieve-ette”, ette meaning girl. It basically means her achieving everything she aims aims at and the name being imperative so it is like a statement being said to me, telling herself to “achieve it”. She plans on doing just that. listen to her music below. –


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